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The Volatile Tunisia-Libya Border

Wednesday, September 9, 2020, GMT 8:33 pm
By:Mena Pacs Team

Along the border between Tunisia and Libya, informal trade agreements led to a tight-knit border economy. But political changes in both Libya and Tunisia have fundamentally altered the economic and…

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ISIL Claims Responsibility for Deadly Tunisia Knife Attack

Monday, September 7, 2020, GMT 8:11 pm
By:Mena Pacs Team

The ISIL  (ISIS) armed group claimed responsibility on Monday for a knife attack in Tunisia that killed one National Guard officer and wounded another as security forces rounded up more…

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Tunisia’s President Welcomes New Government With Rant

Thursday, September 3, 2020, GMT 12:15 pm
By:Mena Pacs Team

Tunisia’s president on Wednesday swore in a new government that will have to confront deep-seated economic woes, but used the ceremony to launch a blistering attack on unnamed enemies that’s…


Tunisian Parliament Approves Mechichi ‘s Government

Wednesday, September 2, 2020, GMT 1:21 pm
By:Mena Pacs Team

Hichem Mechichi confirmed as PM after his technocrat-dominated cabinet wins backing from nearly two-thirds of deputies. Tunisia's Parliament has approved Prime Minister-designate Hichem Mechichi's government - the country's third administration…


Explosives Detonated near US Embassy in Tunisian capital

Sunday, March 8, 2020, GMT 11:20 am
By:Claire Parker

TUNIS — A large explosion rocked an area near the US Embassy on Friday, an apparent attack by two suicide bombers on a motorcycle or scooter, according to Tunisian authorities.…

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Exclusive: US, UAE may agree on F-35 deal by December

Tuesday, September 22, 2020, GMT 5:08 pm
By:Mena Pacs Team

WASHINGTON - The United States and the United Arab Emirates hope to have an initial agreement on the sale of F-35 stealth fighter jets to the Gulf state in place…

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