MENA PACS works with partners to empower individuals and help connecting institutions to create tangible change with maximum impact in the region.

We do:

  • Facilitate the collaboration and exchange of information amongst NGOs, government institutions, representative offices and other relevant actors to align goals and strategies for maximum impact.
  • Provide expertise in various development fields (poverty reduction, youth, women empowerment, stabilization, employment, radicalization, social investment, security…).
  • Assist with field assessments and investigation towards better understanding of landscape and alignment of project goals.
  • Provide consulting and strategic support in reaching out to government, civil society and corporate sector for key impact projects.
  • Establish efficient monitoring and reporting systems, to help evaluate and improve the impact of projects.
  • Help establish sustainable relationship with local stakeholders through effective engagement.
  • Build capacities to help partners streamline their activities and achieve operational efficiency and sustainability.
  • Provide practical guidance and insights to identify projects and funding opportunities.


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