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MENA PACS has created a dedicated recruitment platform with a personalized database to respond to the recruitment needs of non-profit organizations and international institutions. It enables them to attract the best and right talents by region and theme of expertise.

MENA PACS is well equipped to recruit top specialized Experts, analysts and consultants for Non-Profit organizations and international Institutions around the region. We attract uniquely qualified professionals by employing sharp accuracy to match qualified candidates with specifically designated opportunities. To continually find and retain the Top available talent we have implemented innovative approaches including a specialized trained recruiting staff.

US & Canadian Nationals

Are You From United states or Canada and Need More Details ? Email us at   Us-Canada-NGO@menapacs.com

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MENA & European Nationals

Are You From Middle East North Africa or Europe and Need More Details ? Email us at  Mena-Europe-NGO@menapacs.com

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