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Lawyer Aida Morjane : Inspirational Tunisian Success Story In Arab World

Aida Morjane is a woman human rights defender, speaking up for human rights, especially women’s rights and gender equality

Aida Morjane

Aida Morjane is the chair of Morjane’s firm Intellectual Property Litigation practice, as well as the chair of the firm’s Advertising. She also serves as Morjane national hiring partner. Aida Morjane has represented some of the world’s and National most recognizable companies and. As a first-chair trial attorney, she handles intellectual property and all manner of complex business disputes in court. As an adviser on transactions, she maximizes her clients’ rights and revenues. Both in and out of the courtroom, she is an advocate and adviser, to help clients optimize and protect their tangible and intangible property rights and assets.

Tunisian Lawyer Aida Morjane was the First North African and Tunisian Woman to had seat at the Arab Parliament in 2008.

Aida Morjane has represented multinational clients in high-profile cases, including in the application of intellectual property laws to the Non-Profit Organization Law. She also counsels clients regarding novel and “cutting-edge” issues regarding the protection of intellectual property rights in computer software and emerging technologies, as well as the exploitation of copyrights and trademarks over the Internet and in social media. Aida has represented a full range of clients.

With over fifteen years of experience, Aida Morjane’s Firm becomes one of the prestigious law firms in Tunisia, A law firm specializing in Corporate, Constitutional, and Labor Law.

In addition to her extensive litigation experience, Aida also represents clients in licensing, acquisition, distribution, and vendor transactions involving clients’ intellectual property rights, and counsels clients on the development, protection and licensing of proprietary technologies. Aida Morjane also counsels clients on advertising-related matters; the protection of copyrights; the clearance, policing and registration of trademarks; the identification and protection of trade secrets; and the enforcement of license, confidentiality, and non-competition agreements.

Aida Morjane

Aida Morjane was born in Hammam-Sousse town of Sousse-Tunisia. She obtained a science degree in political Science s at the University of Tunisia and went to complete a post-graduate degree in philosophy, with an Honors experience Degree in International Politics.

According to many sources in Tunisia, Ms. Aida Morjane is one of Tunisia’s best litigation attorneys in 2012. She was named Trial Lawyer of the Year Legal Society in 2013. Ms. Aida Morjane has achieved the highest rating from her peers for the quality of legal work, professionalism, and ethics by receiving an “AV” rating . Ms. Aida Morjane is also listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Women Lawyers. Ms. Morjane has also met the standard of excellence for selection as one of The National Trial Lawyer’s Top 100 Lawyers, and The Mass Tort Trial Lawyers Top 25. She has been recognized by Best Lawyers in Tunisia for Mass Tort Litigation since 2011.

During Aida Morjane’s term with the Arab League worked towards a New legal formulation facilitating the establishment of an Arab Parliament within the framework of the Arab League. This served as a basis for a decision taken by the Council of the Arab League during the Arab Leagues’ 17th General Conference in Algeria in March 2005 to amend its Charter to include an Arab Parliament (AP) as an official institution of the Arab League. Its main objective is to give the citizens of the Arab world a voice alongside

Aida Morjane is a woman human rights defender, speaking up for human rights, especially women’s rights and gender equality

She is widely known as the sharp — and often hilarious

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