Whether it’s a meeting, a workshop, a planning session or a training, MENA PACS will assist you with every element of the meeting planning. Bearing in mind your mission or project goals,

we will help you shape and guide the process of working together with the relevant local actors towards sustainable and fruitful relationships. From identifying the involved parties, communicating the objectives, setting the ground rules to securing the proper logistics, we help you meet your goals and accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

With a strong network and a thorough knowledge of the local institutions, policies, administrative and security challenges, MENA PACS will enlighten the burden of efficiently planning your meetings and events.

  • Facilitate interaction with actors towards engaging in a fruitful cooperation.
  • Liaising communication between our clients and local actors (government, non-government institutions, civil society, experts ..)
  • Identify local key actors to help achieve your meeting/mission objectives.
  • Reduce the opportunity for conflict through thorough preparation to run more structured meetings.
  • Set, coordinate and facilitate meetings.
  • Help crafting visits’ schedules.


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